A clean green campaign for the city

Infinia created a unified citywide campaign to raise awareness of NYC Parks and all the things to do there.

Putting the leaf-symbol into the phrase “GO Park” created a branded framework for multiple, graphic messages expressing the variety of activities on posters, postcards, t-shirts, banners, bus shelters, subway cars, platforms and taxi TV screens – with New Yorkers encouraged to post their own favorite park photos.

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Expressing a diverse dynamism.

To celebrate its tenth anniversary, the Aspen Ideas Festival asked Infinia to create a new logo.

The final design, launched in animated form, reflects the multiplicity and excitement of the intellectual forum, while the digital leaf symbolizes a decade of bringing and growing ideas together.

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Demonstrating an Emotional Philosophy

TDF wanted to establish positioning and a brand story that demonstrated the emotional philosophy behind the breadth of their activities—as well as an architecture and messaging guide, identity system, and visual vocabulary.

Everything stemmed from defining the mission, expressed in “the power of the performing arts to everyone.” The inclusivity inherent in this text complemented images reflecting the emotional impact of the live experience—in print, digital, and environmental channels.

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