Cable Bahamas

A new mobile choice opens its mouth.

Breaking a long-standing monopoly, Cable Bahamas became the islands’ alternative mobile carrier option and Infinia moved swiftly to create a name and identity that captured not only the region’s unique spirit, but the freedom afforded by the new brand. The result was aliv, a declaration of liberty and self-expression whose stunning visual system paid respect to local art, informing store design, product packaging, messaging and launch materials.


From ratings to a media marketing giant.

With an IPO on the horizon, Nielsen wanted to expand beyond being synonymous with broadcast ratings to showcasing their global value in media and marketing intelligence. Infinia delivered a new internal and external brand communications campaign around “An uncommon sense of the consumer”, manifested in videos for their two annual conferences, board presentations, digital, collateral, and their first-ever public ad campaign.

Professional Services


Elevating a hire partner.

After an acquisition, HireRight became a major global force in background screening and workforce solutions for almost half the Fortune 100. Infinia distinguished and defined the brand’s expertise in vetting and hiring decisions through a bold visual and verbal identity, a confident tagline, and punchy messaging across all channels and environments.

JD Power

A consumer authority raises its voice.

Known for its comprehensive consumer reviews and rankings, J.D. Power asked Infinia to elevate them to the “voice of authority” through messaging and the digital experience. We framed the company as a vital intelligence resource for the entire commerce ecosystem, using the tag “Beyond Measure” to guide a simple, striking website redesign featuring bold text and atmospheric footage.

Duke University

Duke University engaged us in the midst of an ambitious re-imagining of the undergraduate residential living and learning experience. Infinia named the new residential program, QuadEx, and crafted an identity and visual system to support it. After developing and refining QuadEx’s positioning and narrative, we generated an effective rollout strategy and plan that included a stand-alone website.

We created communications that clearly conveyed its purpose to staff, students, alumni, trustees and parents. These efforts included audience-specific presentation decks, announcement letters and talking points for public-facing voices of the program.


The College Board

Enabling the next generations of talent.

Infinia created a new look and feel for this outreach campaign to high-potential students, parents and educators, via posters, a direct mail package with brochures and letters, emails and a refreshed AP Student website.

Aspen Ideas Festival

Expressing a diverse dynamism.

To celebrate its tenth anniversary, the Aspen Ideas Festival asked Infinia to create a new logo. The final design, launched in animated form, reflects the multiplicity and excitement of the intellectual forum, while the digital leaf symbolizes a decade of bringing and growing ideas together.

NYC Parks

A clean green campaign for the city.

Infinia created a unified citywide campaign to raise awareness of NYC Parks and all the things to do there. Putting the leaf-symbol into the phrase “GO Park” created a branded framework for multiple, graphic messages expressing the variety of activities on posters, postcards, t-shirts, banners, bus shelters, subway cars, platforms and taxi TV screens – with New Yorkers encouraged to post their own favorite park photos.

Financial Services


Refreshing the signature of performance.

Nasdaq is known as a global provider of financial technology and intelligence, but lacked an identity to reflect this. Applying recent research, Infinia developed a corporate brand story, brand architecture, core messaging and visual system designed round a graphic ribbon that symbolizes connectivity and the diverse capabilities of today’s Nasdaq.


Weaving a more compelling tale.

A holding company for insurance services targeting the middle-income market, CNO needed to revitalize and consolidate their brand. Infinia deployed a visual and textual vocabulary derived from an engaging quilt-based logo design and palette that echoed the letters of the acronym, and informed all print and digital communications.


Mount Sinai

Branding a citywide care network.

This landmark New York medical institution became the hub of a seven-hospital health system after acquiring Continuum Health. Infinia created a unified brand story, architecture and a comprehensive implementation plan, including a digital brand center, to activate the new look throughout the city across every outlet, sign, uniform, vehicle and communication.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota

Building a new consumer health company.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota realized its growth depended upon expanding beyond traditional insurance. Over an 18-month period, Infinia worked with senior leadership to explore business models before launching a complementary, consumer facing entity named Stella (complete with identity, internal and external messaging), which centered health resources and services around the customer.

Checkpoint Therapeutics

Checkpoint Therapeutics’ existing brand was not reflective of their modern, healthcare changing drug development methodology. Infinia revamped the messaging strategy, focusing on one core asset: their streamlined and cost-effective drug development process. We then developed a new identity and visual system for their branding, external communications, and website that was reflective of Checkpoint’s agility and modernity.

Private Equity


Growing a growth equity player’s presence.

Metalmark Capital was founded in 2004 as an independent private equity arm of Morgan Stanley, and is a noted investment firm specializing in founder-owned companies in the middle market. Infinia determined a positioning and clear story around their four-part approach to being “built for growth”, translating them into presentation materials, collateral and a stronger, simpler website.

Oak Hill Advisors

Distinguishing through expert evaluation.

Guided by a strong senior management team for two decades, Oak Hill Advisors manages approximately $27 billion in performing and distressed credit related investments worldwide. Infinia developed a digital experience to convey the multi-strategy approach, focused perspective and platform by which they grow both partnership and value.