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    “Can a startup jewelry brand keep ancient craftsman heritage alive?”

    Cerimani’s founding team came to us to launch a fresh, modern jewelry brand. They had beautiful product designs, combining centuries-old Thai design aesthetics with early 20th century Art Deco styling. They also came with an admirable commitment to the greater good, with each purchase generating $50 for the Southeast Asian communities that inspire and support the work.

    What they didn’t have was a complete, coherent identity, a clear brand voice, or a digital experience to launch the brand. Together, we determined the best ways to showcase their fusion of ethnic craftsmanship with a modern Western artistic genre, applying them across website design, messaging and photography.

    We refined the visual identity and color palette, creating the unique patterns and overlays that distinguish the brand’s ecommerce experience and adorn its social media presence. We provided art direction for both product and model photography (shot in NYC and Cape Town) and a sincere, distinctive tone for all copy, including the “Crafted with purpose” tagline, now used as the brand’s primary tagline and hashtag.

    From original discussions involving little more than a logo, an idea and some sketches, Cerimani now has the beautiful and functional ecommerce experience its customers deserve. Experience the work we did for Cerimani at www.cerimani.com.