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  • ”Does everyone really know there’s more to our Parks?”

    We’ve spent a lot of time in the parks. Our “I’M IN” campaign helped engage enough people in ex-Mayor Bloomberg’s initiative to plant One Million Trees in the city – 18 months ahead of schedule. Then a follow-up program recruited enough volunteers to do a whole census five years later (yes, we demanded a Treecount).

    Raise awareness of the breadth of features and activities

    But maybe the project closest to our hearts as New Yorkers was this unified citywide campaign to raise awareness of the breadth of features and activities in our green spaces throughout the five boroughs.

    A simple branded framework for short headlines and single images

    The “GO Park” movement was built on a simple branded framework for multiple messages. By elevating the traditional Parks Dept leaf-symbol into the “O” we created a recognizable prefix for countless short motivational headlines. These were complemented by silhouetted single images to show the variety of what people can do, experience and enjoy in the parks, all year round.

    The clean, (naturally) green series hit the public through posters, phone booths, hanging banners, subway cards, tv spots in the back of every yellow cab and even a microsite where people could upload their own park pics.