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  • “How do we make our mark on the city?”

    When they called us in, this landmark medical institution in NYC had a new logo, but lacked an implementation program to make the new brand identity work enterprise-wide.

    Demonstrating the unity and utility of the new look

    Collaborating closely with leadership, Infinia created a refined positioning that unified the mission of multiple entities, and a clear brand story that balanced heritage and future.

    Activating a health system throughout the five boroughs

    After this was articulated through a launch video, collateral and advertising, the bulk of the challenge became external activation. The primary elements of change were housed in a specially created digital brand center – which effectively became mission (and quality) control – containing guidelines, tools, templates and information. This directed the production of everything from signage to collateral to uniforms to stationery to vehicles– all of which demonstrated the unity and utility of the new look.

    Just to make it more of a challenge, Mount Sinai then completed the acquisition of Continuum Health Partners, extending the activation project to a health system numbering seven major hospitals and hundreds of doctors’ offices and clinics throughout the five boroughs. Despite the exponential increase in logistics and variables, we oversaw the planning, production, delivery and installation process – the results of which can be seen in every Mount Sinai location in NYC.