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  • “How can we stay closest to the consumer?”

    Along with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida, we saw the shift to people power in healthcare a lot earlier than most. Through a collaboration of almost twenty years, we’ve helped them navigate the evolving industry landscape by making the brand and its communications steadily more consumer-centric.

    Making the brand and its communications steadily more consumer-centric

    Through their name change to Florida Blue, and development from a pure insurance firm to a health solutions company, Infinia was instrumental in helping the client go straight to the people.

    We made their Floridian DNA the heart of their brand

    Florida is a unique state with a uniquely mixed populace, but one thing BCBSF has as an advantage was the fact that they were the longest-serving insurance company there. As the Affordable Care Act approached, competition from larger national brands increased but none could claim as historic an affinity with a population of widely varying demographics, needs and wants.

    We made their Floridian DNA the heart of their brand positioning, messaging and experiences. This drove the design of their first-of-its-kind retail store launches (there are now twenty statewide), as well as an expanding suite of internal and external brand expressions over the years, co-ordinated via a staggered implementation plan.

    Florida Blue came alive through ads, sales and marketing materials, radio and tv commercials, internal video to corporate messaging, environmental displays, point-of-purchase and digital -plus, of course, the creation of the company mascot, Sunny, a blue parrot.