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  • “After a decade, how do we turn over a new leaf?”

    The Aspen Ideas Festival has always had a collective eye on the future, and for its 10th anniversary wanted a new logo that celebrated the past decade while looking forward to the next one – and beyond.

    The anchor of a colorful, distinctive design system

    Infinia duly examined the Festival’s peer group and worked hard to craft something that was true to its spirit. The final design is both modern and organic, reflecting the event’s diversity and multiplicity, as well as the efforts of the participants and the organizers, bringing ideas together to build a more interesting world.

    Acknowledging the established Aspen “leaf” identity, the new mark comprised the digital building blocks that increasingly facilitate communications and connections – in this case, the intellectual exchanges and relationships that characterize and distinguish the Festival’s two sessions.

    This became the anchor of a colorful, distinctive design system which has been applied to environmental signage, collateral, digital, promotional materials, direct mail, invitations and more.