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  • “What’s the way to successfully disrupt a mobile monopoly in the Caribbean?”

    After suffering decades of no choice, the Bahamian people at last had the option of another mobile carrier. After Cable Bahamas were awarded the government license, Infinia were awarded the business of creating a name and identity that captured not only the spirit of the islands, but the freedom afforded by the new brand.

    Despite the ticking countdown to launch, we were careful to immerse ourselves in what was a new sector for us, as well as in the cultural and artistic elements of this distinctive demographic.

    An accelerated name generation process produced aliv: not just a friendly, lower-case logomark, but a simple, joyous declaration of liberty and self-expression.

    A visual system paying respect to the vibrancy of Caribbean colors

    This was reflected in a stunning visual system paying respect to local art and the vibrancy of Caribbean colors. The uniquely flexible palette inspired a multi-hued strata, an expressive graphic device whose parallel waves conveyed diversity and connectivity, informing and inspiring store design, product packaging, messaging and launch materials.

    A joyous declaration of liberty and self-expression

    A new brand that captures the spirit of the islands

    Cable Bahamas were glad they called: the brand launched within a month and is already dialing up its market share.