Introducing "Infinia on Aging"

Infinia on Aging infographics

We’re pleased to introduce "Infinia on Aging", our new series of “conversation-starters.”

The rapid aging of the population promises to reshape the nation’s financial and social future. It also provides countless opportunities for brand and marketing innovation.

Aging is an emotional issue where drama, debate and data often create more heat than light. For the rest of 2012, Infinia will highlight aspects of aging and wellness to show how ideas and content can come to life in new ways. We hope you will find this and others in our series engaging and a catalyst for conversation.

Infinia on Aging, Part 1: Finding Gold Amid the Gray
Aging populations present immense challenges for developed countries, but opportunities abound for those who can spot them.

Infinia on Aging, Part 2: Working Longer, Living Smarter
New reality changes a generation's outlook on retirement, though trends suggest the growing wave of elderly can adjust.

Infinia on Aging, Part 3: Japan's Next Generation
A nation’s fascination with robots might help ease the burdens of a fast-growing elderly population.

Infinia on Aging, Part 4: Niche Communities Flourish
A generation’s attraction to fads and cultural identity spurs market for specialized retirement housing. 

Infinia on Aging, Part 5: The Hispanic Paradox  
Latinos live longer despite lower incomes and more health problems, adding color and complexity to the surging ranks of the nation’s elderly.

Infinia on Aging, Part 6: The Graying Suburbs
Communities designed for cars and young families are faced with serving seniors who want to age in place, despite the risk of growing isolation.

Infinia on Aging, Part 7: Making Old Age Cool
Trend-setting boomers will put a new stamp on retirement years in ways that may remain in place for generations to come.

Infinia on Aging, Part 8: The Longevity Economy
With its size and wealth, the boomer generation will reshape elderly markets with unprecedented opportunities, and risks.