Infinia makes a meal out of 2013

When Hurricane Sandy thwarted the firm’s annual holiday bowling smackdown, Infinia discovered a new way to celebrate 2013. Donning new aprons designed by our own Matt Siegel, a group of intrepid strategists, researchers and designers channeled their inner Iron Chefs at Cook&Go Culinary Studio.

Infinians studiously sliced, diced and julienned, their knife skills only slightly compromised by free-flowing wine. Master Chef Rubén Mercado led the charge in creating a delicate and complex soup, while famed culinary upstart Emily Yang displayed her mastery of ceviche. Infinians were delighted when baking guru Michael Trovela shared his famous chocolate muffin creation. Ron Cappello – whose deceptively simple “cereal with milk reduction” won him a Michelin star last year – presided over the event and Infinians rejoiced as food continued to pour out of the kitchen. So great was the collective mirth that rising K-pop star, Jina An, burst into song with a spontaneous rendition of “Gangnam Style.”

Not to be outdone by Jina’s musical prowess, the team cleared the decks and went in search of karaoke.  The “Trio of Trouble” comprised of Hillary RossSarah Frayne, and Melissa Menard created a sensation with a medley of Beyonce tunes, while Brian Santoro brought the house down with a cover of Lady Gaga.  As the night wore on and musical tastes continued to devolve, bar patrons were treated to a grand finale: Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock’s “It Takes Two” performed by Julie “Julz” Yee and Abib Johnson.  The gauntlet had been thrown – and Infinians did not disappoint.

Having sunk our teeth into the New Year, we look forward to stirring up a fresh batch of creative challenges in 2013.