Digital Brand Centers: Myths and Mantras

by Bob Loughhead, Principal, Implementation

Digital Brand Centers can be invaluable and efficient tools in managing and sustaining your brand. They’re also an effective way to educate employees about brand-related issues and empower them to protect your brand. The effectiveness of such sites, however, depends entirely on a thoughtful, considered approach from the outset, as well as a steadfast commitment to keeping content fresh and aligned with your organization’s objectives. Before you take the leap, here are few issues to consider.

Myth #1: If you build it, they will come
Audiences will not be magically drawn to your new brand site. There aren’t any neon lights to grab attention, or a constant flow of foot traffic walking by. You need to think hard about how you’ll create awareness and compel people to visit.

Who do you need to reach?
What channels exist that you can use to promote and communicate?

Myth #2: The site will save me time and money
Brand management sites are an ongoing investment. Users will inevitably have questions and your brand and communications needs will grow and change. If the site is secure, someone will need to assign and manage permissions. You’ll need to carefully consider what expertise and resources you will need to support the site starting the day it launches. Obviously, the simpler and smaller your site, the less effort it will require.

Myth #3: All my communications will be consistent
Access to information doesn’t always translate into behavioral change. Your site can be an effective and useful tool and an essential source of knowledge. However, you will still need to manage, educate and evangelize your brand and strategy to ensure your communications are clear and consistent.

Mantra #1: A simple, imperfect system is better than a complex, perfect one
This notion may be difficult to embrace, but it is universally true. For any tool or process to be successful, it must be useful and easy to use. Keeping an unwavering eye on the goals that are most important for users and your business, and making absolutely certain they’re simple and seamless to accomplish, will help ensure your brand management site is a smart and successful investment.

Mantra #2: Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize
This relates closely to Mantra #1. Once you start to look at what you want, sometimes it is difficult to focus on what you need.

What is most critical now?
What will address your largest unmet need or points of pain?

Don’t lose your list of wants!

Mantra #3: Build for growth
Remember your list of wants? Here’s where it comes in handy.

Often, time and resources limit what you can tackle when creating a digital brand center. While it’s impossible to anticipate every turn in the road, if you build for growth, you can ensure a smoother journey toward your desired destination.

For more information about what a Digital Brand Center can do for your organization, contact Bob Loughhead.